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New Bars and Welcome Party

It's been such a long time! The last time I wrote was the first flood of Buenos Aires. Since then there have been (at least) 2 more, neither of which I got caught up in... thank goodness.

Neighborhood Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had a friend over, Wade, and we were planning our trip to Mendoza (which was AMAZING by the way, more about that later), and it was raining during the planning, so we waited til it stopped. Seemed fine to leave, and when we did (I wanted to walk him to the bus stop just to keep him company or something) and It was all flooded again, and this time there were rafts with motors, and everyone walking in the middle of Santa Fe. None of the busses were stopping, and taxis of course were unable to go through, so he ended up walking home... an adventure.

A few days later... last Wednesday I went to play futbol with the group of girls, then went straight to Gibralter to meet up with Agustina and met some of her friends. I met Agustina through her brother who is a friend of a friend that I met back in June or July, 2009. Argentines. Good people. I had already shared some beer with the girls after futbol but I had another with Agus and met her friend Patricio, who is a really nice guy, a good friend. Too old for anything more than friendship but fun to talk to. After Gibralter we went to Red Door, which is a nameless bar only defined by the entrance it has... it was fun, I just wish I wasn't so tired! But this was my second time there and I stayed up later than the first time I had gone. We drank and talked with her friends and met some new people. The beauty of Red Door is that there are all kinds of people there, younger, older, porteño (people from Buenos Aires), Argentine, and foreign. People from literally all over the world go there and it's such an open atmosphere, you can go up to anyone and talk with them, and NO it's not the alcohol. Agus and I stayed in the back room with the pool table until it was clealy time to go when some people had drank too much... We found a taxi and talked until we got home (we live within a block of each other, how awesome is that?). I got home at 5:30am and slept til late the next day...

Me, KateLyn, and Wade at DeBar

...which was the day of Felipe & Carla's welcome back party!! Before we had the party we went to DeBar for the last day of free beer for girls, and happy hour for Wade and Felipe. We wrapped up the pre-party outting and started to head home. Taking the bus seemed like the most logical method of getting home, since  a transfer on the subway at the most busy time of the day seemed more trouble than it was worth... after a few blocks on the bus, it broke down. There were already people texting me telling me that they were waiting at my house for me and Felipe! We ran to another bus stop and waited for a couple minutes, and when the bus FINALLY CAME the bus driver told us that it had to stop and leave us about 7 blocks from where we needed to go... and so we were like okay, we will walk then. The bus went past that point and dropped us off in the normal stop like always, I don't know why Argentines mess with me like that. I've noticed it only happens when Felipe is around, which is a strange coincidence. We finally got home and started the party.



Me, Wade, and Tarah


?, ?, ?, Carla, Mary, Ramón
Erinn, Val

Fede, me, and Ramón
the best guys in the world

Oddly enough I don't have any (close-up) pictures of/with the recipients of the party, i.e. Felipe, Carla, Val, or Mary (they are in the background), but more with them will come, someday. It was a FANTASTIC party, tons of fun, lots of good people, playing cards and listening to good music (thanks to Ramón, we went and bought speakers for the music, only about $20 USD and they work really well). Too well... because at 3:00am the old lady next door (technically my landlady/the owner of the house) started banging on the metal shelter with a cane over the wall that separated our roofs and started yelling at us for being so loud so late. This had never happened before, then again it was a Thursday night... Needless to say we ended it there and cleaned everything up and everyone left. I would be more concerned about her threats to call the police if I didn't know how the police in Argentina are... also, if I didn't know how Argentines in general are... (from what I have seen they generally do a lot of talk and do very little). Also, my Argentine friends kept assuring me that she was just upset and wanted peace and quiet... and that no Police would be involved. =)

Although the party ended Tarah, Ramón, Fede, a friend of theirs and I sat in the little common area that I have by the mirror in the hallway and talked for another hour. It was great, speaking in Spanish, hanging out with new and old friends, as if I wasn't a foreigner and just one of the gang. I love that, this is what makes me fall in love with this city every day. Eventually they had to go home as well and I cleaned up the entire event because Nadina had said she was coming back to work early that Friday. I cleaned til 8:00am and, finally, went to my lovely bed upstairs to sleep. It was a great day and night, including getting yelled at by an angry Argentina lady, but that is part of the experience I think. I handled it well and haven't heard from anyone about it since... then again I went to Mendoza shortly after... That shall be my next entry.

buenas noches,

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