miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

One Last Goodbye

I had a great day. I washed all my clothes... and bed sheets. Then I went to the school to meet up with Tarah to see if she wanted to go to Barrio Once with me to get phones (my phone still works after the flood... but the screen is flickering, and there is no sound), and I had an extra phone that Xiaoqing had left me, but I don't want to change my type of phone... 1) because I have 3 chargers for the model of Samsung that I have, 2) because the charger for the other phone, although it is Samsung also, got taken back to Alaska with my dad by accident,  and 3) I am stubborn and want to keep the type of phone that I know... After some planning, Tarah, Austin, and I went together to Barrio Once.

There are no photos that can show how crazy this neighborhood is. It is streams of people going to and from everywhere and billboards as tall as the buildings, covering all building faces, and things hanging from balconies and shops filled from the floor to the ceiling with stuff for super cheap, and blasting reggaeton and rock music. There's clothes, toys, electronics, accessories to electronics, phones, furniture, jewelry, etc... Of course I did not find the gallery mall that was full of phone-related sales, but we did find a charger for the "other" Samsung phone that I did not want to use... I'm just stubborn, it works fine and is pretty understandable. BUT, I wanted to give it to Tarah because I got it for free, and since my phone still worked I was hoping for the best, to use it til I got lucky again and found another one of the same model for cheap.

After this we all made our way to the subte again, and parted ways. We had spent 3 hours in Barrio Once! Tarah and I were planning on going to play soccer with these ladies from frisbee that invited me like 4 weeks ago, and we had realized that there was only 2 hours til game time. We bid farewell for the time being, and when I got home, guess what? MY PHONE'S SOUND CAME BACK! Although it is a bit muted, and the screen's flickering isn't even that bad, I will keep this til it completely poops out on me. I'm so glad I didn't find the gallery of shops like I was hoping, now I can use that 100 pesos on tango classes, orrrr a TRIP!

So at 7:20 I left my house to make it out to the field to play with the girls... I FINALLY got the motivation to go play soccer with them! I'M SO GLAD I DID! Joanna, me, and Erinn went. Tarah showed up an hour late... there was a miscommunication, but it was fun all the same. I will definitely be going back every Wednesday. I'm becoming active and it's so awesome, I'm easing into Ultimate Frisbee (it's still really intimidating for me, it just seems so foreign! but I will get the hang of it and stop being a wimp soon), and starting to play soccer.

I hate the word "soccer" by the way. The USA is the only country in the world that DOESN'T say "futbol", as far as I know. I will say FUTBOL from now on.

Afterwards though... I ended up walking for like 15 blocks to get to a stop for bus 15. Most of the way I was with half the girls from the game, and it was nice bonding time. My feet are killing me... after walking through Once for 3 hours, then playing futbol, then walking 15 blocks they were just dead. Next time I will definitely take a different bus... haha.

This weekend I am going to Gualeguaychú for Carnaval! Assuming there are seats open on buses to get there... Maxi is a sweetheart and offered to pick one up for me when he goes tomorrow... I'd go get my own but I refuse to go to Retiro alone. I'm sure I'd survive, but why risk it? WHY risk it...

Last, but not least.... actually, MOST important of all, On Monday before the floods and the floating cars and the firemen and the craziness, I said goodbye to my LAST remaining friend from last semester...


This was my first attempt to take our last picture together, and it turned out perfectly! Him, Me, the line we had to wait through, AND the MALBA sign in front. And we look great if I may say so... haha. So.... At first, he intimidated me. He is from Germany, but that's not why... he just always seemed in his place and gave this confident vibe that just intimidated me. We took the class on Arte Argentino y Latinoamericano (with Architecture included), and eventually started studying together, and we spoke in Spanish (Of course.. he speaks German, English, god knows what else because he's European, and Spanish). We eventually started just hanging out cuz we had become friends, and that was great. We went to this jam band show at Club Aráoz that was conducted by Santiago Vazquez (Santiago Vazquez y La Grande), who is also one of the chief players in La Bomba de Tiempo, and let me tell you Santiago is just... handsome, talented, and full of energy. Anyways, we went there and had a great time, danced til they closed the place (2:00 am because it was a Wednesday night, hahaha). 

This past week I got to see him twice since he got back from his traveling through South America. Last Friday we saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show, like I mentioned in an entry before, and this past Monday just before he had to leave the city to head to the airport, he spent his remaining hours with me =). We went to the MALBA to wander through the Andy Warhol exhibit. Oddly enough, we ended up venturing the entire museum reviewing what we had learned in our art class! The movements, styles, artists, events in history that inspired them, whatever we could remember, it was great. Then he realized he only had about half an hour to make it through the Andy Warhol section... We made it through all of it, and headed outside... got on the bus... didn't say much, we talked but I was preoccupied knowing I was saying goodbye to yet another good friend. We neared my stop, which was first, and I gave him a great big hug. We wished each other luck in our lives, and me being the awkward person I am, I said we'd talk on facebook...

I got off the bus, knelt down so he could see me through the window, and put my hands to my mouth and blew him a gigantic goodbye kiss. He started laughing =)

And then he rode away... and I started crying. It doesn't really get easier. But I have learned how to take the good out of situations like this, and I wouldn't trade my times with him to avoid having to say goodbye for anything.

Goodnight. Until later...

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