lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

There's a first time for Everything

Here's what I did tonight...

I went to have dinner at this mexican food place with Theresa, Tarah, and their friend. I brought my friend Andy that i met in frisbee
the internet is shoddy, so sorry if i cut out
well ima tell you the story now
and if it cuts out i'll message it to you
holy crap
whats gonna happen...
ok well we went out and ate.

all good, and then Tarah was like "oh crap i forgot to tell my host mom i went out to eat, can you text Austin for my host mom's house number jenny?" (Tarah still doesn't have a cell phone, I keep saying I'm going to help her get a cheap one)

so i did. and Austin didnt answer.

so she's like "crap guys i gotta go now then... sorry to rush everyone"
so we all quickly paid and left the restaurant and it was pouring rain, like poooouring
and they were like "let's take a taxi!" but i knew me and Andy lived in the opposite direction, his hotel is near my house, so we decided to walk. Plus it's fun to play in the rain!

It was like 4 inches of water for a while, then it was 6, and we were running and splashing around and having fun
I took some pictures hoping my camera would survive, which it did :D


cuz we're super cool like that

and we got to his hotel after hitting some 1 foot deep spots, and cars in deep water, he went to his hotel and i continued walking
well thats good i guess....
heh, ya, and right after he got to his hotel I hit the dirty road, the sidewalks by the Palermo Subte station which is also a train station for the train... there were like 10 floating black garbage bags, and the water was getting to my shins. I thought okay this is kind of tough, but i'll make it. I crossed Santa Fe to get to my side of the road. then it got worse, water to my knees, above my knees...

i was like o &#^$ this water's moving fast, I could be swept away possibly... and things kept hitting my legs in the water, if any kind of wooden plank hit me I would have been gone.

and then this fireman asked me where i was going and i said Charcas and Bonpland, and he said alright let's go
(in spanish). I was holding onto his arm and we got to a road that was a couple blocks from my house, and it was way too deep where the road intersected with santa fe, so we went a bit into the street to cross where they had this rope tied up to trees to help people cross. but there were taxis floating down that street towards Santa Fe, towards me and my fireman.

and everyone was yelling at each other in Spanish.

some kiosk owner was screaming at everyone for having the rope up or some nonsese, he was crazy. wtf are we supposed to do? its a flood, we're doing what we can...
holy crap intense
so Sergio (the fireman's name) helped me cross this road.
BECAUSE do you remember me mentioning that when it rains enough the manholes and sewer covers can pop off and you can get sucked under from the force!?!?
my intensive month teacher told us that, and no one believed her. and i believed her but i was skeptical. i saw that  happen today man
!!! whoa
we crossed that road with the rope, and went another block or 2, and after basically swimming and trudging through deep gross waters it started getting shallower, like a block away from my house, where he left me and said there were others to help cross the deeper areas
holy crap jenny!
I was fine with Sergio leaving me there. I didn't say that but I was very thankful... usually i don't want help with things, but he definitely helped save my life...

This is one of the sewer covers with water sprouting through the top like a fountain, it's  ready to burst off.
This is right outside my house door. With flash didn't work, so I tried to brighten it up without destroying the cool nighttime-ness of the picture. The water surrounding the "fountain" is about 5 inches deep, so imagine that pressure bursting upwards... 

A few blocks back, when I met up with the fireman, there was some photographer taking pictures around the deepest areas, and i had a life vest on and stuff even though I look like a dork at least i wouldn't have gotten sucked under as easily...

so... i got home. and sat down, soaking with garbage and god knows what else,
and emailed Andy with what happened after he got home. It wasn't fun dancing in the rain after he got home... heh

I seriously was thinking... this is like the news clips... this looks like hurricane Katrina. but obviously it was not NEARLY as bad.

but I've never seen floating cars!!
I've never had to be escorted across the road with a rope tied between trees AND a fireman!

thats so inSANE!
There's a first time for everything.......

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