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one word everyone should know...

Last night I met up with Wade, one of the new students here to study Spanish. He's a really cool guy, he's from California and he's traveled around a lot and is up for seeing new things. We didn't end up going to Acabar, although I'm sure one day everyone in the group will experience that amazing atmosphere.

Instead we went to el Tiki Bar, this is the best website I can find for information on it (or check out Tiki's Facebook Page. This was my first time going, and there was supposed to be some sort of fiesta thing, I'm still not sure what the event was supposed to be exactly. But they had music playing in the Patio area and the vibe was really great. I guess that's all the fiesta thing was, haha. Wade and I sat by the wall at a table that the waitress separated from this other group of people who were not using it. There was no extra chair so we sat next to each other against the wall, which was probably best for talking since the music ended up getting pretty loud.

We had some beers, and talked for like 3 hours. It was super hot so we were both sweating up a storm. That's just part of the charm of South America... right.... right?!!?!

Anyways. We got the check and walked back to Santa Fe to part ways. He had class today and had to make a presentation on a word he learned that is from Argentina. Or something like that, I don't remember exactly. I shared my story of Ramiro, the guy that is cool but starting to be too chamullero. I hope Wade shared "Chamullero" with the class, I feel that this word is something everyone that comes to Argentina should know... particularly the blonde females.

Chamullar (verb, regular)
¹To speak or to write with persuasive intention, but falsely or without solid argument.
²To flatter/charm/flirt/catcall someone else with the intention of seducing [her].
³To say something other than the truth.

Chamullero (adj.)
characteristic of having the habit or inclination to 'chamullar', in any of its senses.

Chamullo (subj., masculine)
¹a piece of news or false story produced to obtain some kind of advantage.
²By extension, any trick with the purpose of gaining some kind of advantage.

You can click the links to view the Spanish definitions yourself, but these are the best translations I can make at my amateur level of interpreting. Notice how they do not directly refer to people themselves... But I think coloquially they are used for Argentine/Peruvian/Chilean men who do this ;)

I see blue sky, there's a break in the rain!
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