viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Tango & Lost

Oh precious demi-god of having fun, thank you for blessing me last night.

Yesterday was amazing. Not only did I get some tango dancing in, but I got me and some friends into Lost for free. Ya that's right, FREE SUCKAZ! That's an overview, here's the details...


I arrived at La Viruta at 9:00 pm

Then I waited for about half an hour for the rest of the group. We went for the Tango lesson, but when I arrived the salsa classes were still going on. They look like so much fun! I can definitely see myself learning salsa, as well as tango. 

So the group arrived and we sat at a big table in the corner near the entrance. It's the same table we sat at with the summer students last summer... memories! Then the class began, everyone was confused as hell because they're not used to listening to or understanding Spanish down here. Dude, I'm not even fully accustomed to it. It's a process... but we made our way to the Beginner's section of the dance floor. It was divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. I could have joined the intermediate dance group but I wanted to stay with the other students... I can join intermediate on my own time, later on.

I must say the slow paced repetitive square dancing we started out with is a lot harder when you already know it... I mean... they don't keep the rhythm when they're teaching everyone, and when you're first learning it that helps. But after you already know it, you keep going and it looks like YOU are the one that doesn't know how to do it. Anyways, eventually we paired off and of course I had to dance with the old guy. I guess there's something about me that screams PICK ME! I LACK THE ABILITY TO REJECT PEOPLE BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO HURT THEIR FEELINGS! but that's ok. Sometimes it's better to dance with the older people. Unfortunately this man did not know what he was doing, and was doing the whole set of moves wrong. I'm not a professional at tango, or square dancing, but I could not follow this guy. Tango is amazing, because you know a good dancer when you are with them, well the girls do anyways, I don't know how it is for the guys. The teachers clapped their hands and told us to change partners, and I kindly thanked him and moved on.

My next partner was Wade. Wade is a sweetheart, I love that guy. He's just so chill and we get along pretty well. I think he was nervous to dance tango but he was a MUCH better leader than the man I had before. Even if he felt like he didn't know what he was doing, he pretended very well. Plus he was pretty optimistic about it, some of the people were all like 'why am i here??? i could care less about tango! when can we go?!?!" and that just puts a damper on everything... The teachers clapped their hands and we switched again.

My next few partners were varied. I danced with a stranger who was decent, he made sure not to run me into people [I think that was the biggest mistake of the old man I danced with first, he led me into so many people! But it's his first time so I forgive him ;) ]. 

Then there was Austin. I'm name-dropping because Austin was the best dancer I had all night. I knew exactly where he wanted me to go, when he wanted me to go, and we didn't have to start over very many times. He said it was his first time dancing! Holy crap! I really hope he continues taking lessons because he's off to an amazing start. And girls are ALWAYS looking for guys to dance with, and if they see you are a good dancer, they will eye you and hope you come to ask them. It's all about eye contact. Tango is all about seducing, from across the room and on the dance floor. Anyways. Austin, really good dancer (so far). 

There was another guy I danced with. He has such potential. I know that he KNOWS how to do it, he just can't do it yet... I think, just from how he and I danced, it's because he was leading with the outstretched arm rather than his right shoulder. By doing that you push the arm of the girl and she twists, rather than pushing her with your shoulder or your chest (depending on how closely you dance together), this way by pushing the center of her body she can go where you want in the direction you want, and she doesn't get twisted and lose balance. I do give him credit though, he was a close dancer (which means to hold his partners really close), like real tango. Tango is a close dance, but you don't HAVE to be that close. I have space issues sometimes and I can't dance like that if I'm tense because of the closeness! So yeah. This guy has great potential, he knows what to do -lead the girl with some force-  but I think he just needs to make his movements with his right shoulder rather than the left arm. If he continues classes and changes the force that he uses to lead, he's going to have every girl in the salon eyeing him to dance... because quite honestly, he's pretty good looking as well ;)

After all the dancing everyone sat down and ate dinner. Then we went out for what seemed like another lesson. Honestly I am confused because the first lesson they had mentioned something about milonga, which is a type of dance similar to tango but different, faster paced I think? Anyways we danced some more, and my feet were killing me! I wore my green super awesome heels that I spent 500 pesos on 6 months ago and have only worn twice...

But aren't they just adorable?

They look better on, I swear. I was really angry that I had bought them for a while, because 500 pesos is a lot of money... but they're sooooo me. They're weird and bunched up and green, this rich emerald green that this PhotoBooth shot gives no justice to. I am now quite glad that I purchased them because heels are perfect for tango, it's actually much harder if you DON'T wear heels. If you pay attention to women's feet in a tango salon, if they're not wearing heels, they are dancing on their toes because it's that much easier. 

Tango night ended and everyone paid for their dinners and Tarah, Erinn, and I were in a rush to make it back to my house to get ready for LOST, this club that is only called Lost on Thursday nights, otherwise the club is called Club Aráoz. Or, in the online world, it is called "Hip Hop Culture Club" on Thursdays. Nope, I'm calling it Lost. With that link if you send them your names and click on the date you wanna go, then at the door you tell them you're on the VuenosAirez list and before 2:30am you get in free. Woohoo free! Even if you pay the 25 pesos to get in, it includes a beer, so it's a good deal all around. The three of us barely made the cut for entering free but we got in with no charge =)

SO MUCH FUN! Dancing, rap music new and old, reggaeton, tons of people. I've always had a good time at Lost. I went there for my birthday and everyone had had a good time. We ran into some of the other students from the group and all danced together. It was awesome. I had soooooo much fun, and 5:00 am rolled around and I didn't want to go, but it was better to leave with everyone. Leaving on a good note just makes you want to go back ;)

I think that's a pretty good summary of my night last night. Next week I think I'll plan a "Welcome Party" at my house for everyone in the group. It's kind of late for it to be called a welcome party but I want everyone to get together and I want to talk to some of the people that I haven't gotten to talk to yet! It would be nice before everyone separates into their cliques more than they already have.

Hope this has sparked your interest!

chauchau y besos

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