viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Beer on the roof and Transvestites

Tonight I went to my friend's hotel to drink beer on the roof.


I did not write about him, but Andy was at Josh and Julia's goodbye fiesta as well

It was great, we drank tons of beer and admired the 360º view from the "off-limits" part of the roof, and later wandered to a sandwich shop to eat some milanesa sandwiches. He is such a great guy! I can't believe he leaves in a week, I really want to spend more time with him before then. We talked about our best times with friends, craziest times, among other subjects. 10:30 rolled around and we both had to be somewhere around midnight, so we found him a card to recharge minutes to his phone, then he left on a bus to his party. I then rushed off to MALBA...

...where I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight! 

I went with Thomas, a friend I made last semester who is from Germany. We took Argentine and Latin American Art together, and have gone to various events together. He gave me a Rata Blanca patch for my birthday and he's so cool! I don't want to say goodbye to him, he leaves Tuesday... GOODNESS THE GOODBYES! Anyways... so we met up at MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show... and i can say that I used to dislike this movie, but today i decided to give it another chance, and I LOVE IT NOW!! There's nothing like watching a transvestite musical with a bunch of Argentinians singing along and yelling "LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE!" to the only old man in the crowd telling everyone to SHUSSHHHHH (because he obviously has never seen the movie before, and does not know why everyone is singing along or laughing so much).

He got it eventually, I forgive him because he learned the ways, and enjoyed the movie and clapped along too.

We found out we could take the same bus back, and did. When I was saying goodbye Thomas gave me a long hug, as if it were the last. NO! I refuse to let that be the last time we see each other!! It's been so great getting to know him, I don't know how I will handle saying goodbye to another soul that made part of my roots here in Buenos Aires. It doesn't really get any easier. So... Hopefully we will make it out to MALBA on Monday again, to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, and other works of art that we both learned about in the class where we met.

Aside from this... I spent all day preparing about 6 litres of sangría for the fiesta tomorrow. I'm throwing a party for the new students, even though one refuses to associate with the group... one is at the beach, and another isn't coming for undisclosed reasons. Whatever, their loss. Unfortunately Joanna can't come either, but she's going to Carnaval in Gualeguaychú! I plan on going next weekend. She's going to have so much fun. And so are we, those who are stuck in the city. Andy might not come either unfortunately, but I understand, he is only here for one more week and there are like 5 events going on tomorrow night that he needs to choose carefully.
I leave with this. I am eating pasta and being thankful that I made it to the bank today to trade in some cash for coins... Using the buses saves me tons of money, and takes me to and from amazing cheap events like the Rocky Horror Picture Show at MALBA for $2.20 pesos, plus the $8 pesos student movie fee... $10 AR night. yesssss


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