martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Adios to Josh and Julia

Saturday... what a day. It was Julia and Josh's last day at pickup (ultimate frisbee), and that night they had a huge going away party. It was so much fun! And there were so many people! It looked like Julia and Josh really had a good time, I hope they did. Let's see how the day went...

I went to pickup planning to leave early to have a drink with a friend, then have some friends over to get together before going to this drag show or something, called Ambar La Fox. But then I found out it was their last day, and that later that night there was a going away party at their house. I got invited and cancelled all my plans, which is kind of awkward when you are the host of something... BUT some important friends were leaving, I wouldn't miss that!

After pickup Andy and I decided to go together since he is staying literally 3 blocks away from me (he's on a business trip from China), and then Maxi and I decided to go together, so we went as a group. The gathering was embedded in San Telmo, pretty far for all of us but after a half hour long bus ride we got there and walked in the night to get there at about 1:00 or 1:30 am. There were about 100 people there! I couldn't believe how big the house was or how many people showed up. My entire house is probably as big as their entrance and living room.


Julia and I 

It was cool to see everyone outside of frisbee, in their pretty dresses and everyday clothes. I made myself up a little bit and I'm glad I did. Julia was so happy to see everyone as they streamed in during the night, and we took some pictures together. Thankfully I brought my camera.

[girl], Emiliano (I'm pretty sure?!?!?), Matt, Paula, Me

I have lots of pictures from the night... Maxi took the camera and took lots of photos. I'm glad, because I didn't know everyone and was kind of shy to ask or just do it, haha. Eventually everyone gathered for a Toast and some touching speeches.


Toast to Josh & Julia

After the Toast began the Speeches

Something that I felt but never really identified was said during the speeches. Josh and Julia spoke, mentioning special people... and something that Josh said was that everyone was not like his family, definitely not like a family. He said they all WERE his family, and that he truly meant it, the people they lived with in the house, and the people in frisbee and everyone there. I could feel that when I was there, even though I've only known half the people there for a few short weeks, there was so much love packed into that house. I admit, I teared up at that. I hope I have something like that when I leave. Even if it makes it 100x harder to leave, I want to know my year here made a difference in my life and maybe some other people's, or that I have friends here that are my family... I know it will happen, actually I know it's already been happening. It's been happening since about August or September when I met my first Argentine friend, Ramón. Anyways...

After this, we all partied til late, and someone shocked the hell out of me. I'll skip over that though. And everyone went on the roof and shimmied over to some other roof, I don't even know how the network of roof connections worked but that was scary.


Maxi & I (and poor Martín, and sleepy Paula, and.. Mike (??))

Everyone got up and down safely though so that's all that matters. It was time to go, the aftermath was settling in and after being told it wasn't necessary to help clean up Maxi and I took a bus back to our end of town at 7:00am and parted ways. It was a great time, I'm so sad I didn't get to say goodbye to Josh personally, but saying goodbye to 100 people during all the craziness can't be easy. He knows I'm going to miss him, even though I know him very little.

Que buena onda.

If I had never pulled myself out of my pity fest and decided to do something active in my time and start going to frisbee pickup, I never would have met all these amazing people. I would be sulking, wondering why I felt like I had no life here... You just have to get up and get out. Do something. Joining frisbee was one of the best things I've ever done, and if the frisbee community in Anchorage is anything like this, maybe I will feel at home in Alaska again... until then, Argentina has me 100%. I can't imagine my life anywhere else right now.

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