jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Interpreted Dance & Interpreting Audience

It's a bit late to write about last Sunday, but that's okay. Last Sunday was awesome, definitely too awesome to leave it out of an entry.


Joanna and I went to a free show starting at 18:00 (6:00 pm), and it went on til like 9:00 pm. It started out with these two guys playing some improv guitar. This was the day after Josh and Julia's goodbye fiesta, so I was recovering from the sleepiness, as well I was confronting some other feelings that were brewing inside of me. Earlier this day I could not even type or listen to music or think... not because of a headache or anything, I've never been hungover, I just felt like it was all too much stimulation. For once in my life I felt like I needed pure silence to sit and digest my thoughts and feelings for a while. Later, after this thought digestion, was when Joanna and I had decided to come to this show. Listening to these two guys playing soothing music was perfection. It calmed me down and brought me to the moment, watching them tap their feet and play, admiring the bright colors painted on the walls of the terrace... slowly being subconsciously prepared for the next routine, by interpretive dancers.


This was the part where They did the Interpreting

This group of about 7 performers started moving to the sounds of the guitar from the guy in the blue shirt on the right. It wasn't so much dance... as it was doing things. I can't even explain it without degrading the event, it was cool. I have always wanted to go to a show like this, something strange and simple in a great setting with  a small crowd. It was perfect. Although at times it seems that they broke out of character... I could not tell if they knew what they were doing or not, for all I know it was all part of the show. Either way... It was another calming, quirky show that distracted me from my life for a while. What came next was...


This is the part I think was for us, the audience, to interpret... 3 or 4 guys started screaming into the evening on this rooftop, and there was no remedy. They screamed and cried and sobbed at the tops of their lungs like neglected babies in prison. Five minutes, 10... 15 or 20 minutes... crying screaming gasping for air. The guy in front of Joanna and I was standing in the crowd facing the stage just like all of us, and he kept leaning onto this girl in a chair next to him, she kept laughing and looking to her friend, leaning away from the screaming actor that had begun drooling on his clothes. Eventually... she didn't know what to do, there wasn't enough room to leave, to walk out, she didn't want to keep leaning away from him, so she started patting him on the head, and rubbing his back, as if he were actually a screaming baby to soothe it into calmness. This... seemed to work. This actor slowed to a low sobbing and eventually sunk down to a sleeping state. This left one or two other actors sobbing to the side of the crowd. They continued for another 5 or 10 minutes, I was surprised no one tried patting them on the heads or comforting them as if they were actual children like the girl had to the one in the center of the audience. Eventually it came to a close... and if not for the performance, everyone clapped for the silence that followed the calmed actors. What came next was... 


A group of about 8 girls started the same deal... except standing in a group in the stage area. The shock of their voices got everyone's attention, and no doubt a sigh of disappointment... but this performance was different. The volume lowered and stabilized into almost a harmonized crying. Crying, breathing, standing in place, they all looked towards the sky as if each asking something from a God. Then, the volume lowered and they were just sobbing and breathing, looking upwards, and one of them started laughing. It was crazy how the change of sound with this one voice made such an impact. She started with that half crying half laughing type.. and evolved into a cackling laugh, as if she just realized they were all pathetic beings screaming for no reason. One by one the others started laughing too, and the looks of misery and terror changed to smiles and grateful looks towards the sky. Eventually towards each other. They formed a circle and the laughter died out, and three of them hugged. 

I'm pretty sure this evolved into one of the last performances of the night, another interpretive type. This one seemed more coherent, and they seemed to have a reason for doing what they did. 

In this skit two girls climbed on the sink and convulsed
It was great. I don't know what they were trying to get across... if anything. For all I know it was just to show that they could, with their delicate movements and kooky convulsions, entertain us all with hardly any music or planning.
 Somewhere around here the performances ended, and everyone gave a small donation to the artists and Joanna and I left. 

I definitely want to go back to this place. It is about 7 blocks away from my house, and it was pretty cool for being free. Even if not all shows are free, I now know about this cool place. I can see myself going to more of these small shows. They even show certain movies for 6 pesos some nights. Gotta check that out.

That's it for now, I think i'm going to start cooking dinner... or at least start planning it, since it's only 7:15 pm.


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