martes, 2 de febrero de 2010


So Friday a group of new students came to study. Today was their first day of classes because yesterday they took the placement tests for their level of Spanish. I went to the University to see who I could meet up with just to get to know some of them better, and I met up with Tarah and Erinn.

We went to a café and talked and talked. Eventually some of the other students showed up and they sat inside. It was a nice chill day.

One of them mentioned how the city isn't really as big as they had expected... But I pointed out that after studying a map like we had would make anyone feel like it isn't impossible to maneuver oneself in a place even as big as Buenos Aires. They said I had a point... But I know exactly how they feel. I feel like I can get around in this city perfectly fine, but I also know that when it comes down to going to exact addresses therein lies the problem... heh.

One of the students, Wade, asked me if I wanna meet up tonight. It is a Tuesday and there is not much to do, but I said sure, if he wants to even though he has school tomorrow. I think I'll suggest...

it's this beautiful bar in my neighborhood with lots of games to play. The link has more pictures, check it out. I love the interior design... Everything is covered in flowers and roses and it has a classy vintage feel.

Well I'm off to see what the night has in store for me. I wonder how many other students are going to venture into the night...

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