jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Shamrock y... ¿qué sé yo?

I woke up this morning, feeling like I had slept for hours and hours and hours. Yesterday I woke up at 2:30 pm, and was quite disappointed in myself, that is very late to wake up, so I was feeling the same this morning when I felt completely rested.

I looked at the clock after I got out of bed, and it was 10:30. I had been out til 3:00 so I was surprised I slept just over 6 hours. But then I remember back in last semester when I went out drinking and came home I never slept very much, 4 or 5 hours usually. Whatever works man, I am awake and starting the day before noon, woohoo!

I went to Shamrock last night.

Met up with a friend and had some beers. Again. I've been there more times than I otherwise would have chosen, but When Casa Bar down the road is closed, I guess everyone hops on over to Shamrock. It's a good atmosphere, I just don't like their drinks... or their prices. They advertise that Happy House is until midnight. Then you go at 11:45 and order two Warsteiners and they charge normal price. I didn't feel like asking about the Happy Hour 2x1 thing (The Warsteiner label is even ON the poster for happy hour), especially yelling over that loud music and in Spanish. I don't know why I'm weird about Happy Hour, I don't like to make it obvious that I am there for happy hour deals. Anywhere. I need to get over that, otherwise I'm going to keep getting screwed over when I shouldn't. It doesn't really happen anywhere else, I think this is partly why I dislike Shamrock in the pit of my being.

So I came back to the table with two Warsteiners, and my friend and I had long amazing talks. Talked about travelling, points of view from outside the USA, from within the USA, communism, books, movies, That's just how me and this person are I guess. Although, I still can't help but feel less travelled and less well-read. But that is why I am choosing to spend my free time educating myself in ares that I am weak in. For example, literature. I am a slow reader, and I was really stubborn in high school. I never read Walden, I read to page 37 and quit. Absolutely refused to finish that book, but I do know that it is worth reading and busting through. I will someday. I also want to read the Prince, the Communist Manifesto, Nine Stories (you know, that OTHER book by J.D. Salinger?), and I want to read other literature from James Joyce (not to mention other Irish authors). Do I even need to list Jorge Luis Borges (check out how long his REAL name is!) or Julio Cortázar? Gabriel García Márquez or Arlt?

Back to the night.
We had another beer and then headed home. I took the 60 home, and at 3:00 am I only had to wait like 3 minutes! And I had even seen another one drive by before that, as I was walking to the stop. What luck. I had a good time, next time I hope to meet at Molly Mallone's. It's in San Telmo (Although I consider it more part of el Centro) but qué sé yo?

¿Qué sé yo? - literally, "what do I know?", or used as "[talking about details about something], and whatever, that kind of stuff". also, it is informal, so depending on how you say it, it can indicate " but what the HELL do I know?"

¿Qué sé yo? another common Argentine expression. And when I say common, I mean like everyone and their mom says it like 10 times every 5 minutes.

now that I've overloaded this entry with fantastic links that I just KNOW you are DYING to check out, I leave in peace.


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