miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

DeBar's free beer

Just had a great night out with some friends. Not to mention FREE BEER!

No catch. Go to DeBar any Monday - Thursday in February, 2010, and girls get all the free beer they want from 6pm til 9pm.
Erinn, Joanna, Tarah, and I went. Also Austin but he had to pay for 2x1 drinks (not a bad deal either).


Tarah, me, Austin
We all shared a Pizza in addition to free beer =)

Except poor Austin who had to pay for his drinks... but that's okay he was a good sport. We had lots of fun bonding, it was the first time I had been out with Austin and I'm glad I got to know him more than before. I told him how he was my best partner in tango in the tango class but no one was in agreement with me. IIIIIII dunno... I've taken more tango than them, and he seemed to know what he was doing. 

Joanna, me, Erinn, Tarah, Austin
A waitress was kind enough to take this photo of us...
... even after Austin took an unexpected photo of her which she obviously did not want taken...
So much fun. I'm so glad they made it out tonight for some talking and drinks. And the pizza, which wasn't that bad by the way. Very cheap for a large, and well made. I say this because I heard pizzas made in bars aren't that great, but Debar must be something special. Well of course it is, who else gives girls free beer for no reason between 6:00 and 9:00 pm??

After DeBar everyone went home to eat with their families except Joanna and I. Joanna's host mom was teaching a batik lesson or something, teaching art of some kind. Therefore she came to my house and we ordered empanadas & a beer to share to talk some more. We viewed some music videos from my Genius list made from selecting "Love me or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign. It's not the most representative of my musical taste but it definitely defines my fun side. I love going crazy to some ridiculous rap or hip hop. We'll go to Lost some day. maybe tomorrow since tomorrow is Thursday, but I might have mentioned that I save Thursdays for Ramón in case he wants to do something. If I don't hear from him we'll head to Lost though, unless he's interested in coming too... part of me doubts it though, haha. 

It's time to go to bed. It's 1:40 am and I had a very successful and cheap outting with some muy buenas ondas. 
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