jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Bariloche! part 2

Moving on to day 2 of API's trip to Bariloche. We had steak and fries for dinner the night before, and had a good rest. We piled into the tour van (private tour, by the way), and we started driving out of Bariloche to get to San Martín de los Andes. On the way we stopped at Villa la Angostura, and various pitstops that are good viewpoints for the 7 Lakes of the region (that's why this region is famous, it's the drive through los 7 Lagos).

These are some fall trees in Villa la Angostura. All the leaves were changing, it was beautiful. I also bought a new mate. As a reminder, a mate is a round cup you drink yerba mate from. A cat in my old house broke my mini mug from Uruguay, so I was looking for the perfect replacement. It is ceramic glazed green, and has a small piece of driftwood from one of the lakes incorporated on the side. I love it!

The drive was peaceful, until we got a flat tire. While Hernán (our tour guide) was changing the tire we all had mini photo shoots in the road. My favorite shot was the mist shot..

The frost was evaporating with the morning sun, hence the mist. Of course I'm in a dorky poncho and rasta tam... also I don't know how to pose like a badass in the mist. My bad, but I still love the foto =)

We got to San Martín de los Andes, and headed out to eat some lunch. We ate at this really good place, recommended by a local, and then to Plaza Centenario for some down time. It had this fountain in the center, and I took some goofy pictures with the rose garden...

aaaahahhahha I can't take myself seriously.

The drive back was just as beautiful as the drive there, the moon was hovering over the mountains and after trying to get a good shot of it through the bare spots of trees on the side of the road, I got the perfect one...

We got back to Bariloche and went shopping. FOR CHOCOLATE! 

 Mamuschka Chocolate is one of the best chocolate producers in Argentina. Like I mentioned earlier, Bariloche was founded by Swiss immigrants, so that's where all the chocolate, fondue, waffles, and swiss architecture come from.  I got some chocolate for myself and for the colombians, and by the time we walked back to the hotel it was already time for dinner. We opted for Fondue. I had never had fondue before and was really excited to finally try it.

So we accidentily ordered non-cheese fondue. Well, it was basically a hot soup with the fire underneath and you cook the raw chicken and steak in it, then eat it with the sauces that are on the left in the picture. It was delicious, don't get me wrong, but we were expecting some cheese. We ordered the cheese fondue and had both of them between the 5 of us. It was surprisingly filling. 

Later that night we went to this pub to have some drinks and watch this band that was going to play live at midnight. They're called Rola Gitana and they were amazing! I bought their CD (splitting the price with Tarah, I loaded the songs to my computer and gave the CD to her). Their music is described as Rumba Flamenco. It was a great time. Afterwards we went to another pub which was okay for a while, but I wanted to head to bed so I left and everyone else continued the night out. I watched El Mariachi in the hotel room, in Spanish, and went to sleep. I find it kind of ironic that a movie called El Mariachi had to be dubbed in Spanish, kind of funny.

End of day two. I have to go write some papers and have dinner with Kelly. We're going to a parrilla for some asado (basically going to a steakhouse for some meat meat meat!). Man I'm gonna miss this delicious Argentine meat...

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  1. Your adventures look fantastic and the mist shot looks brilliant, regardless of how badass (or not!) the posing is. The fondue looks great, cheese ones always make for the tastiest meals, though I'm always partial to chocolate desert ones (you're right, the chocolate in Bariloche's fantastic!). The views from the mountain drive look breathtaking, and if you ever get the chance to go, nestled in the snowy mountains Bariloche plays host to Latin America's largest classical music festival; a gorgeous setting. We've written a post on it (http://www.therealargentina.com/the-annual-semana-musical-llao-llao-argentina-culture) and I hope it'll be of interest to you.