jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Bicentenario de Argentina

For the past week Capital Federal has been filled with Argentine flags and colors (sky blue and white) to celebrate the country's 200th birthday. I have never seen so many flags in my life! I had no idea that I would be here for such a big event, but here I am. We had a long weekend so I took advantage of it and went out with my friends every night of the weekend, which in turn left me with another head cold (which has turned into a cough now, but I'm taking care of myself this weekend...).

The two above pictures were taken by Carmen (the lovely Resident Director of API in Buenos Aires), and I took them from her facebook... but they are excellent photos of the flags hanging from every balcony in Plaza de Mayo.

For the second time in the weekend, I made my way to Ave. 9 de Julio for the festivities. This night, Monday May 24, however, the celebrations were for the Bicentenario AND the re-opening of the Teatro Colón! This theatre is world famous for it's operas and orchestra performances. It's been closed for renovation for god-knows-how-long, but it is finally open and good to go =)

As you can see, there are ridiculous amounts of people that attended the event (I'm standing on a patch of mud that everyone except me and Kelly refused to stand on)

They showed videos projected onto the wall of the Teatro Colón, like performances from the past and good memories. But, and maybe it's just because I was stuck behind a tree that blocked my view the whole time, I was rather disappointed with the event. I heard there was going to be a live performance, and I don't believe there was any such performance. The projections lasted for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and then the people dispersed. Nevertheless, it was worth going, to witness such a big event. And to take this awesome picture of me in front of the fresh face of Teatro Colón with thousands of Argentines behind me!

I didn't even attempt to go back to the Obelisk on May 25, the actual day of the Anniversary, it would have been way too crazy. Instead, I stayed at home and made some delicious rice, pasta, and pancakes for dessert and watched some movies. Obviously I must have been the only person in Capital Federal that stayed home.

I have never heard such silence in this city.

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