jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

New Purse!

I'm starting this entry as a blank slate. I have no idea what to write about, but I'll let what comes to me put itself down. To begin with, I suppose, I could talk about my new purse. I FINALLY found a purse that I liked enough to invest a good chunk of money into!

My New Purse

Leather and suede. Normally I really dislike suede... the texture is just weird, but i love how the two shades of black make it more interesting. The pockets on the outside close with a magnetic snap, and the studs are bronze colored instead of silver. Not only will this purse last forever but some wear & tear on the studs won't show it's age as much as silver ones would.

The inside is an army green fabric reinforcement. Could this purse be anymore me??? The whole thing closes with a tassel zipper, and there is an extra zippered pocket on the inside next to my body. I hate too many pockets and this one has just enough. I like it because it's not overdone with details (like soooo many of the purses in this city are!), and it's not boring either. I spent 390 pesos on it... (about $100 usd), but I've been looking for a year, and if it means I can't take that trip to Puerto Madryn then so be it. I love this purse and I'm going to use it til it falls off of me in shreds.

This Friday I'm having some friends over for Lasagna Night! Mike and Joanna (friends from Alaska) are here and I'm going to get to see Mike!! I love seeing friends from home in foreign places. Seeing Chase in January was so cool, and hanging out with Joanna during the semester was a relief from all the Argentine-ness. We spoke in Spanish most of the time, so we didn't skimp on the learning. For Friday I also invited all my roommates, and Jodie, another girl from Anchorage that I've never met in person but she knows a lot of my friends back home. And, of course, Kelly and one of her friends. This is going to be a great night =)

Until next time,

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