lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Vamos vamos, A GANAR!

So much is going on at the moment! Argentina beat Mexico 3-1 on Sunday so my friend Agustina and I went to Red Door/Puerta Roja and Gibraltar to celebrate. Ironically I had spent the day in Gibraltar to watch the game after my friend's hostel's receptionist was a jerk and would not let her know I had arrived when I got there. I also did not have my phone to alert her. Oh well, I went alone to a familiar place and enjoyed the game. I couldn't believe Argentina scored 3 times! However the first goal was controversial, the second was pretty well played, Mexico could have stopped it but it was  fluke, and the third goal was beautiful, kicked from almost the center of the field above everyone and into the net. I can't find a decent youtube video to share the love, but maybe later I can post one.

Plaza San Martín, for the Argentina vs. Greece game

Bus drivers would stop driving, park in the middle of the road, and watch the game from the bus...

Let me talk a bit about last week's game. Last week Kelly and I tried to go to Plaza San Martín to watch the game on a big screen with a bunch of people outside. However, once inside the barrier they had around the plaza, it was impossible to find a place to see, so we left and went to a nearby café called L'amore. There we were able to sit without being bothered and watched the match which ended in 2-0 Argentina. Poor Greece though, The whole game was spent laughing at them... This one guy got kicked in the mouth or something and had gauze hanging out from his lips and the cameraman zoomed in, the entire café bursted out laughing at the guy. Later on the Greek goalie got the ball to his balls, or his lower gut anyways... he was out of commission for a couple minutes, everyone got a kick out of that too. Probably the funniest moment of that game was when Argentina was going in to score and one of the Greek guys got in the way of the goalie and really made him mad.. They zoomed in on the greek goalie yelling at his teammate and pointing to the other end of the field, possibly yelling YOU NEED TO SCORE OVER THERE!! OVER THERE!!! and the other teammate had his hands clutching his hair and he was looking to the sky shouting something, probably along the lines of I KNOW!!! I KNOW! I'M SO SORRYYYYY!!! it was way too funny.After the game there were celebrations at the Obelisk and I managed to catch a couple shots:

A Gigantic Blow-up Diego Maradona (Argentina's Coach and Legend)

So this week, yesterday, after the game I left Gibraltar only to go home to get my phone and see what others were going to be doing to celebrate. The ride home was nuts, it was amazing! Every car was honking and had blue and white flags hanging out of the windows, people singing and chanting and cheering for Argentina, we drove past the Obelisk which had a fiesta of its own with a huge blow up soccer player of #10 Messi's jersey (Or Maradona's, they're both legends, so... yeah).  Here's a short clip I was able to take from the bus and some photos:

Obelisk, Buenos Aires, after Arg 3-1 Mex Victory

 a Parade making its way through 9 de Julio in front of the Obelisk

I got home and that's when Agustina and I decided to go out and celebrate. We weren't planning on being out til late, but we were out til at least 5:00am, like always. How am I going to adjust to a night life of the United States? I cannot see that happening.. I have always been a night person, ever since I was young and would stay up all night in the basement sewing beanie babies or squares for a quilt, or pants to salvage them from being sent in for donation. I was born to stay up all night and sleep all day. I dislike the morningtime, there is nothing to do in the morningtime... I suppose you can go for a walk, or get some early-bird shopping out of the way, make some breakfast... but other than that I am not fond of the idea of waking up before noon.

Anyways, came home and went for a walk around Plaza Miserere, the busy plaza near my house and train station Once. There were some groups of people either entertaining or rallying for protest, I'm not sure. One of them was a transvestite salsa fiesta, or at least that is what I could extract from what was going on in the center of the circle which had quite an impressive crowd of people. I can't believe I haven't walked around my neighborhood before. I love it, I discovered many things today. I found another Coto Supermercado just beyond the Plaza, and found out just how important that area is due to many bus lines that pass through there. Some lines for the busses stretched across the plaza itself. After my explorations it started getting dark, and even though I didn't have anything valuable for anyone to steal from me I decided to head home. I picked up some ñoquis primavera and salsa tuco for dinner, and maíz to make popcorn for snacking. I know how Jessie and I love popcorn...

and so I end this entry with the most exciting piece of news I have to give.... MY BEST FRIEND WILL ARRIVE IN THE AIRPORT AT 8:00am!!! I'm so excited that I don't want to sleep, but I am also very tired from my adventures last night so I will sleep after I post this entry. She will be staying with me for the next 2 weeks, and we are going to have so much fun! Might even go to Uruguay for a day, since both Kelly and I still need to renew our Visas... and it's a good excuse for Jessie to go to Uruguay (that is, if she wants to go).
Ready..... Set............


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